Lore of Nailaeon


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Highly regarded by paladins, and the common man he has ...


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The priests of Silestra teach that the will and the min...


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A warrior’s warrior. He will fight to the end and beyon...


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"Stupid woman! I can't be too egotistical if I AM the b...

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Tarania Geigne

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You are looking at middle-aged woman, her hazel-nut hai...

Droigrin Tidermoot

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A local tailor nobody seems to know about. He came to t...


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next custome...

Stan Wenstin

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The entrepreneur who has singlehandedly stimulated the ...

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Tanner than most Dwarves, Kheln is rather wild looking ...

Weller Payle

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Weller is the younger son of Benon Payle, a simple farm...

Nedmad Naelc

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Nedmad is very spiritual but keeps very much to himself...

Aribeth Centath

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The Centath family was a succesful cloth mercantilist.&...

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Half-elves have the curiosity and ambition of their hum...


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Humans come in every shape and size. Some are tall. Oth...


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Elves are known for their poetry, song, and magical art...


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Gnomes are widely renowned as alchemists, inventor...

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The Sixth Age

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The soft, slow, hiss of the radiator gave way to the silence...

The Fourth Age

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In the shutted lid of the night, in the opened eye of the mo...

The Second Age

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Words come and words flow…their combination often providing ...

The Third Age

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In the twilight’s gleaming exists a place where dreams walk ...

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Getting Started

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Aloha, currently the world of Nailaeon is in a closed beta.  When we open, this page will guide you through the steps to ensure you're good to go to play o...

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In the darkening mists, in the swirling pools of the mind, there exists a place. A place that bends and shapes reality unto itself. A place that breathes the foul stench of fear…

In the distance a bell tolls…Its single, solitary noise is like a thunderclap that eats and gnaws at the soul…It is the only reality...It is the only sound that exists between the here and now, and the reddening mist that swirls at your feet beckoning you to enter…

…Enter you will, for you are caught between the real and the fold...


The Fold began the Persistent World (PW) journey many moons ago, circa 2002, with a blank web site and an idea or two. Since that time we created a world that lives and breathes with an essence that we all call home...the same essence that spoke to us when we first opened up that blue book of D&D and journeyed to other worlds in our youth...

And it is that essence that guided us to place blood, sweat, and many tears to create something that we can proudly call our own. Something that reaches across the world bringing people together with a want to imagine...

So please join us in our journey into the fold...into the World of Nailaeon...


The Invitation...

"By the watery teats of Kan and the fiery balls of Gorruck when will this urination of the gods end?  Three weeks since receiving the note, two weeks of travel…bah this trip better be worth it."  He stared at the crumpled parchment clutched in his right hand; his torch light casting odd shadows upon his face; upon the pitted sword at his side; upon the worn leather hauberk that sat off centered on his person.

The note...aye the note, even in the dancing light, there was no mistaking the three words scrawled upon its face…Come.  Hope.  Inn.

It wasn’t the letter and the words that bothered him…it was the severed head that encased the note upon delivery that did…swallowing a bit of bile that crept to the back of his throat, he continued towards the town of Hope…each step being a little bit less sure as the step before…

The wheels of The Fold are moving forward… heed the calling; gather your party…the days of PnP will soon be upon us.

Stay tuned…


A New Developer in our Mists...

I would like everyone to extend a warm aloha to our new developer...Fold style - which means he doesn't know it yet or is even aware of the offer - until he reads this...

His motivation and his untiring push for results have lead us to the only rationale conclusion, for if he leaves, then we are that much poorer for the loss.

So with that - Trendane, I hope you accept our offer and our camaraderie, of course this means more work, more frequent beating of your head against the computer, and no pay - but hey who are we to corner the market on that!

Mucho Mahalos to you for helping us build a better world and a better community!


A Godly Garden?

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To say the I felt a presence in the forest today would be the height of understatement. I've felt eyes on me before – animals or even bandits, ...

Journal of Weller Payle | Weller Payle | Sunday, 28 March 2010


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next customer. She doesn't try to attract attention to her wares like other vendors commonly do knowin...

NPCs | Ashkhan | Monday, 15 March 2010

The Invitation...

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"By the watery teats of Kan and the fiery balls of Gorruck when will this urination of the gods end...

Mod Events | Bane | Sunday, 30 January 2011

A New Developer in our Mists...

News image

I would like everyone to extend a warm aloha to our new developer...Fold style - which means he does...

General News | Bane | Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Our Vision

Here at The Fold we seek to build a strong community of quality Role Players in a like minded environment.

Together, we aim to breathe life into a dynamic, immersive world offering a huge array of character development options and an encompassing storyline.

This is a world which encourages and is maintained by role-play and a community that shares a common purpose of enriching the gaming experience of all of its members.

If you've read a good fantasy, you've heard a melody.  When you play at The Fold, you're playing in the orchestra.

Player Policies

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Aloha, here's a listing of the basic foundation policies of The Fold in no particular order.  This is what we ...

Create a PC Journal

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The creation of a PC journal is much like creating and submitting a PC bio.  Please follow the steps below and ...

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