This nature goddess also has no temples, as it is thought that the world itself is her temple. There are however many small shrines, built in gardens, and near farmers fields. Often the services of the priests and druids of Kan will be requested during the planting season. Their blessings upon the fields are thought to bring good weather and harvests.

Her teachings differ from Quercus in that she does not object to the killing of animals, so long as it is done with purpose, and respect. She sees this hunting as a natural cycle, that life will always feed upon life. Kan does not take a mortal form often, but all those who have claimed to see her say that there has never been a sight more beautiful.

Represents the Dreamer's: Love
Personality Traits: Nurturing, Careful, Kind
Portfolio: Joy, The World, Interconnectedness of Life
Domain: Plant, Good, Healing, Protection
Diety Alignment: Neutral Good
Follower Alignment: Neutral Good, True Neutral
Union: None – Transcended the bounds of the nine…

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