"Stupid woman! I can't be too egotistical if I AM the best!" - Synthirr, to Esmerdsa during ceasefire negotiations.

As the patron of the ruling class, Synthirr has few worshipers among the poor. He doesn't seem to care, since those who follow him do give generously to his temples. Some out of fear that his spiteful plots may turn against them, others in the hopes that his spiteful plots will end in their favor. He is given prayers often during war councils.

Whispered prayers, in darkened rooms, by hooded figures are also not uncommon...

Represents the Dreamer's: Pride
Personality Traits: Conceited, Egotistical, Ostentatious
Portfolio: Warfare, Tactics, Intrigue
Domain: Knowledge, Trickery, War
Deity Alignment: Neutral Evil
Follower Alignment: Neutral Evil, True Neutral
Union: Kan + Tan’o

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