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Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, their ability to withstand physical and magical punishment, their hard work, and their capacity for drinking ale. Dwarves are slow to jest and suspicious of strangers, but they are generous to those who earn their trust. They stand just 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall, but are broad and compactly built, almost as wide as they are tall. Dwarven skin varies from deep tan to light brown, and their hair is black, grey, or brown. Dwarven men value their beards highly.


Loremaster Dwarves
Known for peaceful lives of study and research, adult Loremaster Dwarves are rarely seen outside their mountain fortresses. Committed to The Sage, these Dwarves are dedicated to the creation, maintenance, and study of vast underground libraries that dwarf even the Great Library of Obake.  As a right of passage, young Loremaster Dwarves venture through the world collecting new books and knowledge to bring back to their library.

-2 Str
+2 Int
+2 Wis
-2 save vs Fortitude
+4 Lore

Kahu Dwarves
Exiled aeons ago from their traditional cavernous homelands, these grey-skinned dwarves are mainly found traveling the surface in small family units--only occasionally settling down to form small villages. Kahu Dwarves are more commonly referred to as Cairn Dwarves, due to their tradition of interring their dead in rocky cairns so as not to break the terms of their exile. The reason behind the exile, and the specific terms of such, have been lost with the ages--perhaps known only to The Sage and his Loremasters.

+2 Con
-2 Dex
+2 Discipline
+2 save vs Fortitude
-2 save vs Will

Auric Dwarves
An offshoot of Kole dwarves, Auric dwarves — sometimes referred to as Gold Dwarves — are thicker and stockier in build.  Tending towards a more amiable disposition than their cousins, they usually interact well with the other “civilized” races of the surface and below.

-2 Dex
+2 Cha

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