The Fifth Age - The Begotten

To understand the birth of the gods is to go to the lands between the great void and the realm of lesser reality. But what is reality, but a constant tangible measure of the void. The void being a substance that is beyond our concept of the universe or the true measure of the sane.

I write my surmising in the hopes that those seeking greater knowledge will come to the understanding that the gods that walk amoung us, exist in the here and there, not in the here and now. They are but a shimmer, and a different concept to all races that touch upon these forces.

Each race, each tribe, each clan has a different name for the gods that stroll between the chaos and the law, between the waking and the sleep, between life and death.

My life has taken me to the realms of the real and the void. Many times, many places becoming a prison. A prison that I gleefully went to in the hopes of gleaning more knowledge. More knowledge to truly walk amounst the gods to, perhaps, touch upon their feet and drink from their cup. But, alas, these are the old musing of a man with a broken and weary body. The life force that has sustained me to consolidate my knowledge is ebbing faster each day…I fear my sanity flows with it as well…

The derivations of the gods stem for the nine walkers…but in the true terms of walkers, they are but essences…perhaps a myth…perhaps a fallen star…perhaps everything. These walkers, as described in the writing of earlier ages…ages before man, elves, animals, and dwarves strolled upon the lands…can be thought of as a reason to support a constant to an idea, that may or may not be true, that the walkers actually walked in the physical sense.

Not much is known from the tower wars, the wars of the warders and the watchers, nay nothing is truly known of the wonders and artifacts that where ripped asunder during these wars, leaving a land scarred and twisted in knowledge and patience. What is known is what the writers of those ages took in their knowledge, peppered with musings and poetic license, to weave a fabric to account for all the unknown. If truth were found in their writings, it cannot be proved or disproved.

The walkers, or the essences, as some believe, are tainted by an unknowing that has a name, of this name, and of this knowledge, I will not speak upon. I will say that nightmares and the call of the screaming child in the dead of night do not do justice to the atrocities that I have seen in my visits to the far realms. The realms beyond thought and understanding…

The tainted, or the walkers, were in the form of nine. Nine basic virtues instilled by the writer of the second or third age, from where this knowledge stems is lost...lost as the shards of the Ga-darium.

Of the nine, and of their names, I have deciphered them to their basic terms…to their basic understanding…

  • Giri, honor
  • Heiwa, harmony
  • Naisou, strife
  • Reisei, spirituality
  • Gaku, knowledge
  • Jingi, justice
  • Kan, love
  • Tan’o, greed
  • Iken, power

Of these nine…of these walkers…their union created the vary fabric from which the gods that are in the here and there come to be in our presence in the here and now. Of these concepts and knowledge, it is a truly a hard concept to understand...formulation, is at best, a mockery, to their truths of their existence.

The union of Giri and Iken begot Gouka, the union of Heiwa and Kan begot Drevin…and so on...perhaps these lines of creation are true...perhaps not…what is the constant is that these gods are in our times…whether they will be in the future is the unknowing to us, but in the knowing to them…

Of these simple musing, of an old, tired, and spent carcass of a man, I hope that those seeking the truth, the truth of the void and the lesser realities that gather at our feet, can come to the understanding of the ages that will fall upon us. Of this I know, and of this I understand, all ages, whether it be in the once was and once now, will come again, calling their brethren to arms and the towers to shine forth...

-'Tiberius Fox', First Order of the Sleeping Child

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