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Disjointed dreams fill your head each night.  Faces, some battle worn, bare the marks of distant familiarity.  Landscapes dotted in the shadowy recesses of your mind's map.  Are these creatures that haunt you enemy or friend?

As the dreamy mists swirl around you, the realm of reality gently pulls you into conciousness and you are acutely aware of the close lapping of waves.  Disjointed dreams fill your head... You pull yourself to your feet.  With the dream fragments shattered  and fading, you realise that you remember nothing of your past, where you came from, what you were, or more importantly what you’re doing here.  Looking around, you see a the din and the curl of smoke from a small campfire.  The light also illuminates the outline of a small building in the background.   

As the soothing aroma of sea salt fills your senses, the anxiety of your unknown past disperses.  You inhale deeply and your pulse quickens into a familiar state of excitement and you know that the answers you seek lay ahead of you, in this strange yet enticing landscape.

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