A breeze blows across the feet of a travel worn man. His cloak is strained with the soil that is only gathered from a long, hard, and unending journey. He brushes the hair from his eyes and glances to a board holding a solitary, crisp sheet of white parchment. To the right of the board stands a set of iron banded, oaken gates that climb to the sky. Trying to take in the immensity of the gates, he takes a few steps back and arches his back...almost falling on his arse as he does so.

Satisfying his curiosity,  he looks at the paper... 


Welcome Ye to The Fold,
A land were the demons of your dreams walk and dawn's early light is a savior to your soul...  

It is past these gates that a journey will be undertaken. But be warned, these lands are not for the faint nor the weak. Great skill is required to traverse these lands.  

Yes, great adventurer these lands are built upon the blood of those that have come before and upon the blood that are still to come.  

To enter these gates, three things are required from the wander hailing from other realms. These items are not found in a simple shop. Nay, these items are found from within:

If these three things are being of your person then the gates shall open for ye...

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