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The creation of a PC journal is much like creating and submitting a PC bio.  Please follow the steps below and you should be good to go.

Please note the creation of a PC journal is not a requirement to play at the Fold.

Request a PC Journal Account

NOTE: Before submitting a PC journal please follow the process of creating and submiting a PC bio

Inorder to start a journal (i.e, blogging), a PC journal account needs to be established for your PC.  To do this, send Bane a PM requesting a PC journal account for a particular PC (a player can have muliple PC journals) and also submit a brief description of your journal (i.e., A purple dyed leather book, with flecks of fairie dust, in which all that Harmank has known is stored or You have stumbled across a well worn journal. The cover and pages are water stained and worn. Written in a human script, the handwriting is generally clear and well formed...).  He'll give you a heads-up when your account is created.

Submitting a PC journal article is the same as submitting a PC bio, except you'll save your article under your PC's name in the category dropdown listing.

Any questions, please ask in the All About Your PC forum!

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