He is driven by an insatiable appetite to create. It consumes his very thoughts. He sees the world from a builder’s perspective. Often times his consumption of work doesn’t let him see the full use of his creations and the devastating effects they may have.

Many crafters hold this god dear to heart and offer a silent prayer before creating an item. They hope their words reach his ears to bless the item that is about to be created. Flampil doesn’t hear this words many times as he is too consumed in the crafting of his items, but once, every so often he does, and those prayers are rewarded with an item that people speak of for ages.

Represents the Dreamer's: Invention
Personality Traits: Intelligent, Cluttered, Aloof, Focused
Portfolio: Craft, Construction, Smithwork
Domain: Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Magic
Diety Alignment: True Neutral
Follower Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil
Union: Gaku + Iken

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