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The creation of a PC bio is pretty simple.  In fact, this process works for submitting any article type.  Please follow the steps below and you should be good to go.

Please note the creation of a PC bio is not a requirement to play at the Fold.

Step 1

Send a private message (PM) to Bane.  He'll upgrade your user account to author status.  Once that's complete, you'll be able to submit articles.  He'll give you a heads-up when your account has been upgraded.

Step 2

Once your user account has been upgraded, and after you have logged into the website - go to Player's Corner >> Submit Article

Step 2 :: Head over to Submit Article at Player's Corner >> Submit Article

Step 3

After selecting the Submit Article page you'll be greeted by a big white editor.  Enter your PC's name in the title box.  It's recommended that you draft your bio in Word, etc to create your bio - cut/paste when complete. 

NOTE: Be sure to select PC Journal from the Section drop down box and PC Bio from Category drop down box at the bottom of the page.

Step 3 :: Enter you PC's bio.  Be sure to select PC journal from the section drop down box and PC Bio from the category drop down box at the bottom of the page

Step 4

If possible, please include a screenshot of your in-game avatar and upload it via the article editor or attachment it in a All About Your PC forum post.  If you don't have one (i.e., screenshot), one will be assigned in the interm until you are able to send one in.  In addition feel free to include screenshots to include in your bio if you wish.

NOTE: You can use any screenshot tool that you wish.  I use Irfran, it's free, and does a nice job.  You'll find once you take a NWN ingame screenshot (i.e., print screen) that the picture will be dropped in your NWN >> Screenshot folder as a tga file.  Just include that image (i.e., upload) with your article - ifran also reads those photo types.

Step 4 :: Take an ingame screen shot of your PC's avatar.  Print screen shots are dropped in your NWN >> Screenshot folder.

Step 5

Save your bio, give Bane a heads-up and he'll publish your article.

Any questions, please ask in the All About Your PC forum!

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