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Aloha, here's a listing of the basic foundation policies of The Fold in no particular order.  This is what we expect of the players. Basically it boils down to respect -- you give respect to your fellow players and you will receive it in turn.

1In-Game Spoilers: Do not post spoilers or questions to spoliers as this would ruin the the experience of those people who are actually trying to accomplish it on their own.  Please send all quest bugs and possible exploits as a PM to the admins.

2Sharing the Spoils of War/Muling:  Sharing gold pieces, magic items, and other goodies b/w player characters (also known as muling) is a form of cheating.  Don't be an ass!

3Bug Reporting: All bugs are to be reported.  Anyone found exploting a bug will receive a beating with a wet noodle and then be drawn and quartered.

4Have Fun: People who take away that ability for others will be booted, stepped on, ignited with gasoline, and forced to watch re-runs of all the Shirley Temple movies.  Well maybe that's a bit strong, however, failing to follow the rules will result in a warning and/or punshiment.

5Harassment: If you see a player perhaps harassing another player please report them.  This could be a problem for those that portray female PCs as sometimes people cross the line in intense role-play situations.  If you are the victim of a harassment, please take a screenshot(s) and report it to the admins.  Griefers beware, we have zero tolerance policy for all harassment situations.

6Goodwill: Please do not abuse this gesture of goodwill.  We all bought NWN to play a game dear to us.  No one enjoys spending all of their time attending to administration duties.  This includes our DMs and admins.  If a serious problem or incident has occured, then proceed accordingly but for the most part, when you see a DM online (as a player), please respect their desire to play the game.

7Help Thy Fellow Player: Fellow playing Fold members must be helped when asked, without question.  It's the right thing to do.  The same could be said for those new to The Fold.  Please extend your hand in brotherhood/sisterhood and camaraderie.  Help them to become good Foldians

8In-Game OOC: Please try to keep OOC to a minimum.  If you set your chat option to "party" then it is up to the party leader as to how to handle talk b/w party members.  PCs can and will be banned for flagrant OOC violations or being persistently irritating to other PCs IC behavior.  If you have a question as to what this means, ask other PCs if you are seriously bothering them.  The only people who can authorize a ban are the admins.

9Hack and Slashers: This is a role-playing (RP) server.  Hack and Slashers look elsewhere.  You won't be happy here.  That's our guarantee...

10Play Resolution -- Private Messages (PMs): Please use PMs to work out problems.  If it gets posted on the forums then it WILL get out of hand and saddness will occur when the staff steps in to resolve.  Please PM the Lead DM (Lego) and/or the admins to help resolve problems -- everyone will save face that way!

11PvP: Yes this is a PvP server -- but for RP reasons.  If something occurs then please send a PM to the Lead DM and/or admins -- also take a screenshot if possible.  Griefers and people who are just a plain pain in the arse will be booted, stepped on, and ignited with gasoline.

12Foul Language: We are a mature server.  Therefore foul language will be permitted.  Crude language (ie swearing) however, is unacceptable.  If you do not know the difference between foul and crude language, play a lawful good cleric then.

13Camping/Hanging at Spawn Points: Really shouldn't have to say this one.  We are a role-playing server and there are hundreds of other worlds that allow exploiting and cheating of this nature for your average Tom, Dick, Harry.  Here we don't allow cheating, so don't be a Dick...Tom or Harry!

14DM Respect: Respect and listen to the DM -- honor their decision.  These guys are volunteers and we should show our appreciation and not our flames.  The DM's will organize and run events as feel are needed and required.  The job here is to have fun.  As players, try to keep the staff in the loop as much as possible.

15Game Play Resolution: Problems that occur in game will be handled b/w the person and the DM.  If this disrupts game play for others, then please discuss this after the session.  Utilization of the DM chat is a requirement during these matters.

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