01.23.10 | Beta Kickoff

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Aloha to everyone!  Well today is a good day in the life of the Fold.  We're ready to launch the beta of our third persistent world (PW).  It's hard to imagine that we've been around since the early days of NWN...and it's even crazier to say that we are doing it again!  It's been a great pleasure in working with all the people who've been around since day 1 of our first world - players and developers alike. 

If you were to add up the collective experience of all the people who have been involved with creating and shaping the world of Nailaeon, I would say we have +50 years of NWN under our belts.  Another proud thing I can say, is that we are the original core developers since day one...in the terms of the internet, that is an amazing tribute to commitment and dedication!

But before we go live - we must put the mod through a beta test - looking for all those bugs and smoothing the rough edges of the mod.  It's a tough task, but if you wish to be part of the team and help the Fold ohana, then please drop a post in the beta sign-up thread.

Also please remember that this is a test and there might be server wipes - hence the sooner we push through this phase - the faster we can go live and let the world of Nailaeon breathe again.

So with that the only thing to say is, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!"

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