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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next customer. She doesn't try to attract attention to her wares like other vendors commonly do knowing that her looks speaks for herself. Standing 6 feet and 3 inches tall with hands crossed over her chest, this half-orc woman commands respect. Greenish, sleeveless leather vest and long leggins cover her muscular body. Her fierce expression is multiplied by the hilt of a massive claymore visible over her right shoulder. One wouldn't expect a half-orc to be particularly smart, Janxi surely isn't the brightest person but her accounting is flawless to the dismay of enterprising halflings and dwarves.

Hired by Stan Wenstin she has two duties. The obvious one is selling and buying weapons and the second one is to act as a bodyguard to the other vendors in case that somebody tries to harass them.

When asked about her past she replies that she grew up among barbarians who valued her skill in battle and overlooked her heritage. After reaching her adulthood she decided to become a sell-sword. She worked mainly as caravan escort or took part in skirmishes fought by warlike landlords. Right now she enjoys quiet life in the village until she becomes restless and sets out to seek new adventure again.

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