A Godly Garden?

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To say the I felt a presence in the forest today would be the height of understatement. I've felt eyes on me before – animals or even bandits, hiding in the underbrush and watching me. This was totally unlike those times. It was as if the forest itself was looking within. Not just within itself...but within me.

All of the animals, even the trees, seemed happier than normal; like a dog when its master returns home. A butterfly flitted by repeating in a delighted whisper, “Can feel! Can feel!” That made little sense to me since all living things can feel. A nearby raven seemed to take some amusement in my confusion since he started a deep, cawing laugh.

Oddly, though, he stopped when a sudden, sweet breeze ruffled his feathers.

There was something definitely different our there today. I'd have stayed to seek it more thoroughly, but a storm was moving in and I hate trying to brush Tumid's fur when it's wet. I'm going back out there again...soon.

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