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The Watcher

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It is said that before the Watcher, the sky was a constant grey mist. Then the Watcher took his place in the sky, and th...

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The Sage

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The priests of the Sage truly hold the memory of the world. They are the ones who write histories, and collect the writi...

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"Stupid woman! I can't be too egotistical if I AM the best!" - Synthirr, to Esmerdsa during ceasefire negotiations. As t...

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He is driven by an insatiable appetite to create. It consumes his very thoughts. He sees the world from a builder’s pers...

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Lore of Nailaeon


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A warrior’s warrior. He will fight to the end and beyon...


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Inamros lives a life of shadows and secrets. His follow...


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Quercus seeks to maintain the balance between man and n...


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The priests of Silestra teach that the will and the min...

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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next custome...

Tarania Geigne

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You are looking at middle-aged woman, her hazel-nut hai...

Stan Wenstin

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The entrepreneur who has singlehandedly stimulated the ...

Droigrin Tidermoot

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A local tailor nobody seems to know about. He came to t...

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Weller Payle

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Weller is the younger son of Benon Payle, a simple farm...

Aribeth Centath

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The Centath family was a succesful cloth mercantilist.&...

Nedmad Naelc

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Nedmad is very spiritual but keeps very much to himself...


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Tanner than most Dwarves, Kheln is rather wild looking ...

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Humans come in every shape and size. Some are tall. Oth...


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Halflings are clever, capable, and resourceful survivor...


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Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, their abi...


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Half-elves have the curiosity and ambition of their hum...

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The Third Age

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In the twilight’s gleaming exists a place where dreams walk ...

The Sixth Age

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The soft, slow, hiss of the radiator gave way to the silence...

The Fourth Age

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In the shutted lid of the night, in the opened eye of the mo...

The First Age

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Ages come and ages go…Words become legends and legends forgo...

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Getting Started

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Aloha, currently the world of Nailaeon is in a closed beta.  When we open, this page will guide you through the steps to ensure you're good to go to play o...

The Watcher

It is said that before the Watcher, the sky was a constant grey mist. Then the Watcher took his place in the sky, and the mist fled from his burning gaze. It is said that on this, the first day; that the Watcher burnt the first laws into the ground for all to see. And then his unblinking eye dropped below the horizon and darkness came onto the land. There was confusion, chaos, and fear. Then the return! The eye of the Watcher returned and rose from the opposite horizon. The darkness fled from his gaze.

Eventually, men came to understand that this cycle of day and night is meant to be a lesson, the Laws of the Watcher bring order and understanding, where otherwise there is only chaos and the unknown. It is widely known that the Watcher actively pursues to punish Jibaku.

The Watcher’s priests are even more adept than most at keeping the undead at bay. Most of the Watchers priests claim that His all-seeing eye looks constantly for transgressions against his laws.

Others argue that if this were so, then how can injustice still exist.... that the Watcher is preoccupied, and is looking for something else.

Represents the Dreamer's: Judgment
Personality Traits: Impartial, Vigilant, Unwavering
Portfolio: Justice, Ethics, Politics
Domain: Fire, Earth, Sun, Knowledge
Deity Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Follower Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, Lawful Evil
Union: Gaku + Jingi

A Godly Garden?

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To say the I felt a presence in the forest today would be the height of understatement. I've felt eyes on me before – animals or even bandits, ...

Journal of Weller Payle | Weller Payle | Sunday, 28 March 2010


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next customer. She doesn't try to attract attention to her wares like other vendors commonly do knowin...

NPCs | Ashkhan | Monday, 15 March 2010

The Invitation...

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"By the watery teats of Kan and the fiery balls of Gorruck when will this urination of the gods end...

Mod Events | Bane | Sunday, 30 January 2011

A New Developer in our Mists...

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I would like everyone to extend a warm aloha to our new developer...Fold style - which means he does...

General News | Bane | Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Our Vision

Here at The Fold we seek to build a strong community of quality Role Players in a like minded environment.

Together, we aim to breathe life into a dynamic, immersive world offering a huge array of character development options and an encompassing storyline.

This is a world which encourages and is maintained by role-play and a community that shares a common purpose of enriching the gaming experience of all of its members.

If you've read a good fantasy, you've heard a melody.  When you play at The Fold, you're playing in the orchestra.

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The creation of a PC journal is much like creating and submitting a PC bio.  Please follow the steps below and ...

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