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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next customer. She doesn't try to attract attention to her wares like other vendors com...

NPCs | Monday, 15 March 2010

Weller Payle

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Weller is the younger son of Benon Payle, a simple farmer of a small village called Almorond, far to the distant south. His skil...

PC Bios | Monday, 8 March 2010

Stan Wenstin

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The entrepreneur who has singlehandedly stimulated the economic infrastructure of Hope with his bold vision and seemingly charitab...

NPCs | Thursday, 27 August 2009

Aribeth Centath

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The Centath family was a succesful cloth mercantilist.  Aribeth grew up surrounding by fabric and thread.  Naturally she...

PC Bios | Monday, 24 August 2009

Lore of Nailaeon

The Sage

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The priests of the Sage truly hold the memory of the wo...


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He is driven by an insatiable appetite to create. It co...


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She is often worshiped by healers, apothecaries, and th...


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Inamros lives a life of shadows and secrets. His follow...

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Droigrin Tidermoot

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A local tailor nobody seems to know about. He came to t...

Tarania Geigne

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You are looking at middle-aged woman, her hazel-nut hai...

Stan Wenstin

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The entrepreneur who has singlehandedly stimulated the ...


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next custome...

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Weller Payle

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Weller is the younger son of Benon Payle, a simple farm...

Nedmad Naelc

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Nedmad is very spiritual but keeps very much to himself...


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Tanner than most Dwarves, Kheln is rather wild looking ...

Aribeth Centath

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The Centath family was a succesful cloth mercantilist.&...

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Half-Orcs are the short-tempered and sullen result of h...


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Gnomes are widely renowned as alchemists, inventor...


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Humans come in every shape and size. Some are tall. Oth...


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Elves are known for their poetry, song, and magical art...

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The First Age

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Ages come and ages go…Words become legends and legends forgo...

The Second Age

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Words come and words flow…their combination often providing ...

The Fourth Age

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In the shutted lid of the night, in the opened eye of the mo...

The Third Age

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In the twilight’s gleaming exists a place where dreams walk ...

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Getting Started

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Aloha, currently the world of Nailaeon is in a closed beta.  When we open, this page will guide you through the steps to ensure you're good to go to play o...

The Fourth Age - Of the Nine

The Ages

In the shutted lid of the night, in the opened eye of the morning, a voice hisses softly towards the void…

A boy lies in a bed, a bed that is shrouded in a sterile, antiseptic quality that only a room bathed in white can provide. On a stand, near the boy, in a room of white, lies an overturned picture frame. A mother, with worried furrows etched across her brow, picks up the frame and wipes away tiny fingerprints scattered across the nine pictures that call the frame home. She glances over her shoulder as footsteps approach from behind. As always, she steps away from the bed to allow the men of white to affix their wires and straps to the child.

As always, she bites her lip, and draws a thin line of blood when the wafts of ozone flow across her face.

As always, she watches, with down turned eyes, at the non-movements of her son after the act.

As always, she listens to the old radiators belch their steam into the night -- a soft cry that matches the sound of her breaking heart…

The hard rain mixed with a sun kissed tower of the morning day, its coolness giving way to its heated obsidian surface. The wetness turning to a faint steam as it gives its offering to the skies above.

Somewhere in a vale, across dreams, through many dark forests, the ashes of Ga-shadin stir.

In a room of white, lights and sounds burst from monitoring machines for a faint second…then still to the encroaching morning.

A pair of eyes of black looks to the sky and feels a stir of long forgotten emotions course through its veins. Turning about on feet of two it drops to hands and knees and sniffs the discolored misshapen grass. A patch of grass that brings nausea to the eye if gazed upon to long.

Turning about on knees and hands of four, it digs into the grass and removes a large offering. Carrying its riches in cupped hands, it stands upon of feet of two and runs to the horizon, all the while soft voices crying from the void guiding this being in its journey.

Eyes of two watch this display of action and follow…

In the distance a tower rises to the sky, a single solitary object upon the horizon. The creature with eyes of black continues to the tower, stopping at its base where it drops to its knees and waits, its breath coming in forceful stabs to the surrounding woods.

Eyes of two approaches from behind. Silently and swiftly they descend upon the kneeling creature. The eyes of black turn to face the coming eyes of two, its eyes widening in surprise, then relaxing.

With a swift movement, eyes of black nods towards the tower, eyes of two returns the gesture and runs to the tower, drawing out a misshapen stone. The sharp raps of the stone upon the tower screams to the surroundings. With baited breath, eyes of two looks around and steals its way towards the eyes of black, sharp pieces of obsidian in hand. Looking at each other, the eyes fade into the surrounding forest, waiting for the noonday sun to reach its peak.

As was always, as was told, as was forgotten, under the noonday sun, a warder and watcher leave the confines of their tower to bask in the offerings of the sun. As was this day, during a light rain that coats their bodies, they look to two pairs of eyes descending upon them with outstretched hands holding scattered pieces of obsidian.

Under the noonday sun the lifeless eyes of the warder and watcher scream their obscenities to the sky, their shattered and torn remains warming from the sun above.

Eyes of black stands above the corpses, and raises an opened mouth to capture the rain descending from the sky. Eyes of two sets about removing the steaming hearts of the warder and watcher, dropping them upon the ground, he scatters foul and misbegotten ashes upon the objects.

Eyes of black spits the rainwater into the gaping and jagged wounds of the warder and watcher and fills their chests with grass, grass that brings nausea if stared at to long.

Eyes of two places the hearts back into their owners. Then, as one, eyes of black and eyes of two move the bodies to a glade. In this glade, under a noonday sun, they bury the bodies and wait. They wait as the sun climbs the sky and descends into the night. They wait until this cycle repeats itself for twenty noondays.

Upon the twenty-first noonday a hand emerges form the burial pit. Soon another hand emerges, followed by two bodies. Eyes of black and eyes of two, stand with the noonday sun at their backs and watch the man and woman emerge from the pit.

Upon knees the man and woman look to the beautiful creatures, their eyes saucer round, with hands placed before their mouths, they try to mouth their first words.

Eyes of black raises a hand to silence them and gives voice, “I am love and this is knowledge.” From the woods seven other figures emerge.

Somewhere in a room of a white, a single, solitary tear flows to sheets of white as a picture frame falls upon its face…

A Godly Garden?

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To say the I felt a presence in the forest today would be the height of understatement. I've felt eyes on me before – animals or even bandits, ...

Journal of Weller Payle | Weller Payle | Sunday, 28 March 2010


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next customer. She doesn't try to attract attention to her wares like other vendors commonly do knowin...

NPCs | Ashkhan | Monday, 15 March 2010

The Invitation...

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"By the watery teats of Kan and the fiery balls of Gorruck when will this urination of the gods end...

Mod Events | Bane | Sunday, 30 January 2011

A New Developer in our Mists...

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I would like everyone to extend a warm aloha to our new developer...Fold style - which means he does...

General News | Bane | Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Our Vision

Here at The Fold we seek to build a strong community of quality Role Players in a like minded environment.

Together, we aim to breathe life into a dynamic, immersive world offering a huge array of character development options and an encompassing storyline.

This is a world which encourages and is maintained by role-play and a community that shares a common purpose of enriching the gaming experience of all of its members.

If you've read a good fantasy, you've heard a melody.  When you play at The Fold, you're playing in the orchestra.

Create a PC Bio

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The creation of a PC bio is pretty simple.  In fact, this process works for submitting any article type.  Please follow ...

Player Policies

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Aloha, here's a listing of the basic foundation policies of The Fold in no particular order.  This is what we ...

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