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She is often worshiped by healers, apothecaries, and those who have taken it upon themselves to ease the suffering of ot...

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Though his religion is far from organized Gorruk is worshiped by many warriors. He is often offered prayers before battl...

The Gods | The Fold


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Legends say that Jibaku was not always a god. There are legends of another named Ciravea, a god worshiped by men of gree...

The Gods | The Fold


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She is well respected throughout the lands. The blessings of her priests are thought to bring not only luck in business,...

The Gods | The Fold

Lore of Nailaeon


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The priests of Silestra teach that the will and the min...


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Inamros lives a life of shadows and secrets. His follow...


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Though his religion is far from organized Gorruk is wor...


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Highly regarded by paladins, and the common man he has ...

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Stan Wenstin

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The entrepreneur who has singlehandedly stimulated the ...


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next custome...

Droigrin Tidermoot

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A local tailor nobody seems to know about. He came to t...

Tarania Geigne

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You are looking at middle-aged woman, her hazel-nut hai...

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Nedmad Naelc

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Nedmad is very spiritual but keeps very much to himself...

Aribeth Centath

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The Centath family was a succesful cloth mercantilist.&...

Weller Payle

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Weller is the younger son of Benon Payle, a simple farm...


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Tanner than most Dwarves, Kheln is rather wild looking ...

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Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, their abi...


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Half-Orcs are the short-tempered and sullen result of h...


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Humans come in every shape and size. Some are tall. Oth...


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Halflings are clever, capable, and resourceful survivor...

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The Fourth Age

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In the shutted lid of the night, in the opened eye of the mo...

The Second Age

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Words come and words flow…their combination often providing ...

The Fifth Age

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To understand the birth of the gods is to go to the lands be...

The Sixth Age

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The soft, slow, hiss of the radiator gave way to the silence...

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Getting Started

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Aloha, currently the world of Nailaeon is in a closed beta.  When we open, this page will guide you through the steps to ensure you're good to go to play o...


A warrior’s warrior. He will fight to the end and beyond. He does not know the meaning of the word retreat and will follow his actions to the end.

Prayers are often given to him by select orders of paladins as they embark on their crusades. Gouka only knows the code of the warrior and rewards those who hold that code to the bitter end. Battle fields are his temples, and often times new blades are christened in his name. The blades themselves becoming temples of valor.

Gouka understands that the way of the warrior must be balanced, or a person remains in constant conflict and becomes warped and loses the meaning of his beliefs. Because of this, Gouka is often found tending to his flower gardens and painting scenes of the landscapes he has fought so disparately to preserve.

He is god that possess a deep understanding of the life forces that exist around him. It is not uncommon to see him bowing in respect to his slain enemies and erecting memorials to honor battles well fought and the slain of both sides.

Represents the Dreamer's: Valor
Personality Traits: Honorable, Forthright, Ferocious, Unerring
Portfolio: Duty, Obedience, Loyalty
Domain: War, Protection, Strength, Healing
Diety Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Follower Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, Lawful Evil
Union: Giri + Iken

A Godly Garden?

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To say the I felt a presence in the forest today would be the height of understatement. I've felt eyes on me before – animals or even bandits, ...

Journal of Weller Payle | Weller Payle | Sunday, 28 March 2010


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Like a sphinx, Jan'xi patiently awaits the next customer. She doesn't try to attract attention to her wares like other vendors commonly do knowin...

NPCs | Ashkhan | Monday, 15 March 2010

The Invitation...

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"By the watery teats of Kan and the fiery balls of Gorruck when will this urination of the gods end...

Mod Events | Bane | Sunday, 30 January 2011

A New Developer in our Mists...

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I would like everyone to extend a warm aloha to our new developer...Fold style - which means he does...

General News | Bane | Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Our Vision

Here at The Fold we seek to build a strong community of quality Role Players in a like minded environment.

Together, we aim to breathe life into a dynamic, immersive world offering a huge array of character development options and an encompassing storyline.

This is a world which encourages and is maintained by role-play and a community that shares a common purpose of enriching the gaming experience of all of its members.

If you've read a good fantasy, you've heard a melody.  When you play at The Fold, you're playing in the orchestra.

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The creation of a PC bio is pretty simple.  In fact, this process works for submitting any article type.  Please follow ...

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Aloha, here's a listing of the basic foundation policies of The Fold in no particular order.  This is what we ...

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