Weller Payle


Weller is the younger son of Benon Payle, a simple farmer of a small village called Almorond, far to the distant south. His skill with plants and animals was always a source of great pride for his father, and a source of great resentment from his elder brother, Hollam. More than anything, Weller longs for the simple, quiet life of working the land and raising animals.

His affinity with animals, especially the wolves around his farm, earned him the nickname 'Wolfbrother' and a small amount of envy from the other, local farmers whose livestock were preyed upon far more frequently than those at the Payle farm.

He is a very genuine, open, and honest person who will speak his mind freely and give his opinion when asked. But he will not apologize if someone asks what he thinks...and is then offended by what he says. Commonly, he is a kind person but he can, however, be extremely vindictive when he or those he cares about are under threat.