11.22.09 CMS & Forum Update Notes

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11.22.09 CMS & Forum Update Notes

Post by Bane » Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:24 pm

Here's a listing of the updates:


Two security issues were fixed in this release:

* Moderate Priority - Core - Front-End Editing. More information »
* Low Priority - Core - XML File View. More information »

For additional information, visit the Joomla Security Center.

* Allowed search to use the Itemid of the current Menu Item (15780)
* Removed unnecessary quotes in search results (16919)
* Fixed problem when using relative URL's in editor with SEF enabled. (16445)
* Fixed formatting problem in Category List layout with Internet Explorer (17110)
* Fixed problem with entering HTML in user confirmation messages (17259)
* Fixed Media Manager issues in Windows (17337)
* Fixed problem with Archived Article filters when cache is enabled (17470)
* Fixed RSS feed problem with ampersand in page title (18343)


* Allowed underscore character in menu names (16086)
* Fixed problem with mod_newsflash and altenative read-more text (17231)
* Fixed problem with Alias Menu Item Type not opening in new window (18240)
* Fixed problem with UTF-8 characters in breadcrumbs (18493)


* Fixed problem with email cloaking and non-ASCII characters (11578)
* Fixed TinyMCE configuration error (16982)
* Fixed problem with multiple editor instances on one page (17043)
* Fixed problem whereby TinyMCE stripped some image HTML (17057)
* Fixed TinyMCE Extended Valid Elements problem (17121)
* Fixed problem with TinyMCE blockquote (17215)
* Allowed Firefox inline spell check to work in TinyMCE (17356)
* Fixed problem saving changes in TinyMCE (17367)
* Fixed TinyMCE problem with caption.js and filtering (17379)
* Fixed TinyMCE bullet issue with Internet Explorer (17414)
* Made image title names consistent in front and back end (17430)
* Fixed issue with email cloaking and images (17692)
* Fixed problem in email cloaking syntax (17964)
* Fixed caption alignment when image alignment is not set (18010)
* Fixed JavaScript error in TinyMCE (18192)
* Added option to create templates in TinyMCE editor (18245)
* Fixed problem with TinyMCE Sql (18246)
* Fixed problem when using email cloaking and JavaScript (18310)
* Fixed problem with email cloaking when using images (18481)


* No legacy issues were fixed for this release


* Fixed problem with missing template CSS files (16609)
* Fixed problem with linked images in Beez template (16804)
* Added default text color for backend error messages (16914)
* Added missing spinner.gif (17432)
* Fixed problem when copying Beez template to new name (17559)
* Fixed error in JA_Purity template with Internet Explorer 8 (18070)


* Added TinyMCE Language file for Toggle Editor button (17332)
* Added Ulaanbaatar in timezones (17577)
* Fixed problem with localisation of pagination strings (17618)
* Added missing Display # language string (18124)
* Added missing com_media language strings (18349)
* Improved tooltip text for mod_search (18518)
* Fixed problem with version information for core languages (18522)


* Fixed problem with FTP fields auto-completing (18297)


* Don't show password in configuration.php file (16484)
* Fixed problem when Itemid does not exist (16927)
* Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility issues (17150)
* Fixed problem with caching for com_weblinks and com_contact (17475)
* Fixed additional PHP 5.3 compatibility issues (18008)
* Fixed problem with warnings in system_config.php file (18054)
* Added missing JEXEC checks in code (18080)
* Fixed problem converting UTF-8 characters to ASCII (18142)
* Added option to disallow users to view extension XML files (18353)
* Fixed problem with onAfterDisplayTitle event and PHP 5.3 (18430)
* Fixed problem with displaying error messages with right-to-left languages (18537)
# Fix] Allow whitespaces in avatar gallery names. (Bug #44955)
# [Fix] Sorting by author or subject on viewtopic now preserves the order. (Bug #44875)
# [Fix] Correctly determine writable status of files on Windows operating systems. (Bug #39035)
# [Fix] Show report button in prosilver for guests who are allowed to report posts. (Bug #45695)
# [Fix] Correctly show private message history. (Bug #46065)
# [Fix] Various XHTML mistakes in prosilver, subsilver2 and the ACP. (Bugs #25545, #26315, #38555, #45505 - Patch by Raimon, #45785, #45865, #47085 - Patch by Raimon)
# [Fix] Fix some ACP style issues. (Bug #16109 - Patch by prototech)
# [Fix] Move post bump information markup to the template. (Bug #34295)
# [Fix] Show error in the ACP when template folder is not readable. (Bug #45705)
# [Fix] Adjust viewonline filename regular expression to be less strict. (Bug #46215)
# [Fix] Correctly apply the "can change vote" permission again. Regression introduced in r9470. (Bug #45895)
# [Fix] Remove data from friend/foe table when deleting user. (Bug #45345)
# [Fix] Correctly hide skiplink in prosilver right-to-left mode. (Bug #45765 - Patch by prototech and bantu)
# [Fix] Fix dynamic config update routine error if firebird is used. (Bug #46315)
# [Fix] Allow friends/foes to be added and removed at the same time. (Bug #46255)
# [Fix] Only change topic/post icon on edit if icons are enabled and user is allowed to use icons. (Bug #46355)
# [Fix] Fix saving custom profile fields in ACP if Oracle is used. (Bug #46015)
# [Fix] Make view_log() more resilient to corrupt serialized data. (Bug #46545)
# [Fix] Show error if hostname lookup doesn't return a valid IP address when banning. (Bug #45585)
# [Fix] Fix incorrect layout when loading private message draft. (Bug #38435 - Patch by nickvergessen)
# [Fix] Show proper error message when trying to add bots to friends/foes list. (Bug #40205)
# [Fix] Fixed database backup and restore with Oracle DBMS. (Bug #46715)
# [Fix] Update attachments table when deleting user and retaining his posts. (Bug #40245)
# [Fix] Correctly detect files in subfolders when viewing cached template files. (Bug #46145)
# [Fix] Display user's jabber address in popup if jabber functionality is disabled. (Bug #20775)
# [Fix] Correctly exclude forums from active topics list. (Bug #19135)
# [Fix] Do not display banned users in birthday list. (Bug #20625)
# [Fix] Fix function to recalculate nested sets. (Bug #41555 - Patch by EXreaction)
# [Fix] Display but also highlight already used rank images while assigning new ranks. (Bug #22665)
# [Fix] Correctly orientate quoted text image on RTL languages. (Bug #33745)
# [Fix] Do not display "View user notes" and "Warn user" links in user profile if corresponding MCP modules are disabled. (Bug #10519)
# [Fix] Show proper error message when trying to create a private messages folder with an empty name. (Bug #39875)
# [Fix] No longer state that it is possible to manage group leaders from the UCP. (Bug #19945)
# [Fix] Do not throw an error when PDO is a shared module and not loaded preventing SQLite from being loaded.
# [Fix] Fix censoring of unicode words. (Bug #16555)
# [Fix] Display coloured usernames in ACP groups management screens.
# [Fix] Correctly describe founder permissions on trace-information. (Bug #37235)
# [Fix] Correct the width value for poll_center.gif omitted in imageset.cfg for subsilver2. (Bug #43005)
# [Fix] Correctly load complex language variable using acp_language. (Bug #45735 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Fix reapply_sid() to correctly strip session id in certain circumstances. (Bug #43125 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Correctly state why one language pack is marked with an asterisk in the ACP. (Bug #37565)
# [Fix] Correctly check if install directory is still present. (Bug #46965)
# [Fix] Correct banned user behaviour when "force password change" is enabled. (Bug #47145 - Patch by nickvergessen and leviatan21)
# [Fix] Correctly display ACP logs options, without permission to clear logs. (Bug #24155 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Display topic icons in MCP forum view again (only prosilver).
# [Fix] Properly display post status messages in topic when post is reported and unapproved (Bug #44455 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Do not remove recipients when loading private message draft. (Bug #38395)
# [Fix] Add author name to moderator log when deleting post/topic. (Bug #46225)
# [Fix] Fix broken "Report details" link in the MCP. (Bug #46975)
# [Fix] Resolve accesskey conflicts in prosilver. (Bug #44685)
# [Fix] Check if template file is empty before trying to read from it. (Bug #47345)
# [Fix] More descriptive descriptions for permissions to use BBCode, smilies, images and flash. (Bug #36065)
# [Fix] Fix style issues in print mode. (Bug #26375 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Fix minor issue with L_QUOTE language string missing in several PM composing modes. (Bug #39625)
# [Fix] Also fetch posts of guests and deleted or deactivated users while searching for author names. (Bug #36565, #47765)
# [Fix] Show end of ban in MCP and ACP when user is banned by duration. (Bug #47815 - Patch by Pyramide)
# [Fix] Correctly count posts awaiting approval in the MCP. (Bug #47685)
# [Fix] Display user's posts count in private message when it is equal to 0 (prosilver). (Bug #40155)
# [Fix] Only allow users to disable word censor if globally allowed. (Bug #47575 - Patch by 00mohgta7)
# [Fix] Fix database updater and db tools to support multiple column changes/additions/removals with SQLite.
# [Fix] Correctly detect GZIP status in debug mode. (Bug #24075)
# [Fix] Posting smilies in view more smilies screen now works again in IE. (Bug #46025 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Properly convert and show filesize information. (Bug #47775)
# [Fix] Add ability to prune users who never logged in. (Bug #44295)
# [Fix] Show smilies and images in topic print view. (Bug #47265)
# [Fix] Force full date in private message print view.
# [Fix] Fix "Always show a scrollbar for short pages" for IE8 and Firefox 3.5. (Bug #47865 - Patch by stokerpiller)
# [Fix] Do not allow setting group as default group for pending users. (Bug #45675)
# [Fix] Fail gracefully if store folder is not writable during update. (Bugs #46615, #46945)
# [Fix] Hide profile-icon from viewtopic page if user has no permissions (subsilver2 only). (Bug #37635 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Correct escaping/unescaping in the LDAP authentication plugin. (Bug #48175)
# [Fix] Add hard limit for smilies.
# [Fix] Remove redundant SQL query from ucp.php. (Bug #40305)
# [Fix] Reorder frame order of animated subsilver2 topic icons to be useful when animations are disabled. (Bug #29385 - Patch by prototech)
# [Fix] Ensure user errors are displayed regardless of PHP settings. (Bug #47505)
# [Fix] Permit null values for non-required integer custom profile fields and ensure zero complies with the range limits. (Bug #40925)
# [Fix] Allow changing forum from select box under certain circumstances. (Bug #37525)
# [Fix] Display required fields notice on registration above the custom profile fields. (Bug #39665)
# [Fix] Copy poll options properly when copying topic. (Bug #39065)
# [Fix] Fix error with disapproval of topics having several queued posts only. (Bug #47705)
# [Fix] Preserve newlines in template files (one newline had been always dropped after a template variable due to PHP's handling of closing tags).
# [Fix] Be less strict with FTP daemons for getting directory filelists. (Bug #46295)
# [Fix] Fix set_custom_template for database-stored styles. (Bug #40515)
# [Fix] Banning an already banned user states to be successful, but has no effect. (Bug #47825 - Patch by Pyramide)
# [Fix] Do not add style parameter again to URL after admin re-authentification. (Bug #18005 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Do not cut post-message in between HTML-Entities on search.php. (Bug #31505 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Correctly set attachment flag for topics, posts and pms after deleting attachments. (Bug #48265 - Patch by MarcoDM and nickvergessen)
# [Fix] Display "Locked" button instead of "Reply" one for locked forum in viewtopic (prosilver). (Bug #38055 - Patch by Raimon)
# [Fix] Correctly propagate umlauts over search result pages. (Bug #33755)
# [Fix] Preserve post options when refusing to save the post as a draft. (Bug #39115)
# [Fix] Do not send private message back to sender if sender is in the same group the private message was sent to.
# [Fix] Correctly add user to a group making it a default one. (Bug #48345)
# [Fix] Add log entry when copying forum permissions.
# [Fix] Min/max characters per posts no longer affects poll options. (Bug #47295)
# [Fix] Correctly log action when users request to join a group. (Bug #37585)
# [Fix] Do not try to create thumbnails for images we cannot open properly. (Bug #48695)
# [Fix] Apply locale-independent basename() to attachment filenames. New function added: utf8_basename(). (Bug #43335 - Patch by ocean=Yohsuke)
# [Fix] Adjust build_url() to not prepend $phpbb_root_path if path returned from redirect() is an URL. This fixes redirect issues with some installations and bridges. (Bug #47535)
# [Fix] Do not mark global announcements as read if all topics in a forum become read (Bug #15729).
# [Fix] Fix general error in registration, caused by an undefined $config variable in validate_referer(). (Bug #49035 - Patch by wjvriend)
# [Fix] Correctly extract column default value when exporting PostgreSQL tables. (Bug #48955)
# [Fix] Allow updater to work correctly with PHP filename extensions other than ".php". (Bugs #15809, #49215)
# [Fix] Update search index if only post subject changed. (Bug #49435)
# [Fix] Fix who is online displaying incorrect data. (Bug #49485, thanks Brainy)
# [Fix] Fixed incorrect "topic does not exist" if unapproved posts were visited without global moderator permissions. (Bug #47795)
# [Fix] Prevent style switcher from blocking the tab key. (Bug #49335)
# [Fix] Correctly redirect back to MCP main page after posts approval/disapproval from it. (Bug #49625)
# [Fix] Do not display topic approval status image for shadow topic if a user is not a moderator in the forum the topic has been moved to. (Bug #43295)
# [Fix] Fix email problems on servers with PHP installations not accepting RFC-compliant subject string passed to the mail()-function. (Bug #46725)
# [Fix] Correctly orientate control panel navigation background-image on RTL languages. (Bug #49945)
# [Fix] Sort private messages by message time and not message id. (Bug #50015)
# [Fix] Make sure only logs for existing users are displayed and user-specific logs removed on user deletion. (Bug #49855)
# [Fix] Only show "Add friend" and "Add foe" links if the specific module is enabled. (Bug #50475)
# [Fix] Correctly display list items in forum description in prosilver and administration. (Bug #48055 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Fix] Only embed cron.php if there is no cron lock present to reduce overhead. (Bug #45725 - Patch by TerryE)
# [Fix] Add header gradient back into subsilver2 but keep site logo easily replaceable with smaller and bigger ones. (Bug #11142 - Patch by dark/Rain and Raimon)
# [Fix] Send activation email when activating user from user settings. (Bug #43145)
# [Fix] Do not show resend activation email link when using admin activation. (Bug #44375 - Patch by bbrunnrman)
# [Fix] Do not display links to user/post search if search is disabled. (Bug #50685 - Patch by HardStyle)
# [Fix] Fix icon alignment for forums with large descriptions in subsilver2. (Bug #50445)
# [Fix] Correctly display underlined links placed in last line in viewtopic. (Bug #14811 - Patch by primehalo)
# [Fix] Only check whether forum image exists if forum image is specified. (Bug #51905)
# [Fix] Fixed database updater for changes to columns having default value in MSSQL (adding/dropping constraints).
# [Fix] Jabber SASL PLAIN authentication failures. (Bug #52995)
# [Fix] Check sort options on memberlist to avoid a general error. (Bug #53655)
# [Fix] Fix sql error in cache_moderators() if using postgresql. (Bug #53765)
# [Change] Database updater now supports checking for existing/missing indexes.
# [Change] submit_post() now accepts force_approved_state key passed to $data to indicate new posts being approved (true) or unapproved (false).
# [Change] Change the data format of the default file ACM to be more secure from tampering and have better performance.
# [Change] Template engine now permits variable includes to a limited extent.
# [Change] Quote BBCode no longer requires the f_reply permission. (Bug #16079)
# [Change] Banning/unbanning users now generates an entry in their user notes. (Bug #21825)
# [Change] Smilies no longer require the f_bbcode permission. (Bug #26545)
# [Change] Ability to define column split in FAQ/BBCode help. (Bug #31405)
# [Change] Changed behaviour of group_create() function to support specifying additional group columns.
# [Change] Hide avatar when avatar-type is not allowed. (Bug #46785 - Patch by cYbercOsmOnauT and nickvergessen)
# [Change] INCLUDEPHP paths are now relative to $phpbb_root_path. (Bug #45805)
# [Change] Ability to fetch moderators with get_moderators() even if load_moderators setting is off. (Bug #35955)
# [Change] "Post details" links with image in MCP. (Bug #39845 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Change] PM history now only shows PMs of users you currently reply to. (Bug #39505)
# [Change] Show quote button for own PMs in PM history. (Bug #37285)
# [Change] Fetch requested cookie variables directly from cookie super global. (Bug #47785)
# [Change] Add confirmation for deactivating styles. (Bug #14304 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Change] Add confirmation for deactivating language packs. (Patch by leviatan21)
# [Change] Add confirmation for deleting permissions. (Bug #13673)
# [Change] Add pagination for icons and smilies in the ACP and smilies in the smiley popup.
# [Change] Cache get_username_string() function calls on viewtopic.
# [Change] Cache version check.
# [Change] When creating a new forum without copying permissions, ask again.
# [Change] Introduce new parameter to page_header() for forum specific who is online listings.
# [Change] Changed minimum requirement for Firebird DBMS from 2.0+ to 2.1+.
# [Change] Unapproved topics can no longer be replied to. (Bug #44005, #47675, #23605)
# [Change] Require user to be registered and logged in to search for unread posts if topic read tracking is disabled for guests. (Bug #49525)
# [Change] Allow three-digit hex notation in color BBcode. (Bug #39965 - Patch by m0rpha)
# [Change] Simplified login_box() and redirection after login. S_LOGIN_ACTION can now be used on every page. (Bug #50285)
# [Change] Do not take edit post time into account for determining permission to delete last post in topic. (Bug #48615)
# [Change] Resize oversized topic icons. (Bug #44415)
# [Change] Banned IPs are now sorted. (Bug #43045 - Patch by DavidIQ)
# [Change] phpBB updater now skips sole whitespace/tab changes while computing differences. This reduces the chance of conflicts tremendously.
# [Change] phpBB updater now solves common conflicts on its own. This further reduces the chance of conflicts.
# [Feature] Add language selection to the registration terms page. (Bug #15085 - Patch by leviatan21)
# [Feature] Backported 3.2 captcha plugins:

* Classic and GD CAPTCHA
* reCaptcha (based on API from recaptcha.net by Mike Crawford and Ben Maurer)
* 3D Wave (by Robert "Xore" Hetzler)

# [Feature] Introduced new ACM (Cache) plugins:

* null (to disable caching completely)
* memcache
* XCache
* eAccelerator

# [Feature] ATOM Feeds (Idea from RSS Feed 2.0 MOD (Version 1.0.8/9) by leviatan21)
# [Feature] New groups option to excempt group leaders from group permissions.
# [Feature] New "Newly Registered Users" group for assigning permissions to newly registered users. They will be removed from this group once they reach a defineable amount of posts.
# [Feature] Ability to define if the "Newly Registered Users" group will be assigned as the default group to newly registered users.
# [Feature] Add new option to disable avatars board-wide. (Bug #46785 - Patch by cYbercOsmOnauT and nickvergessen)
# [Feature] Enhance obtain_users_online_string to be able to return user-lists for other session items. (Bug #31975)
# [Feature] Add unapproved topic icon for moderators on forum list. (Bug #46865)
# [Feature] Ability to define minimum number of characters for posts/pms.
# [Feature] Store signature configuration options in database. (Bug #45115)
# [Feature] Add bare-bones quick-reply editor to viewtopic.
# [Feature] Detect if a post has been altered by someone else while editing.
# [Feature] Add unread posts quick search option. (Bug #46765)
# [Feature] Add option to disable avatar uploads from remote locations. (Bug #45375)
# [Feature] Ability to delete warnings and keep warnings permanently. (Bug #43375)
# [Feature] Ability to empty a user's outbox from the user ACP quick tools.
# [Feature] Ability to search ACP/MCP logs.
# [Feature] Users can report PMs to moderators which are then visible in a new MCP module.
# [Feature] Parse email text files with the template engine.
# [Feature] Use email-style quoting when bbcodes are disabled.
# [Feature] Added new functionality to inactive users module:

* Ability to set users per page.
* Ability to sort by posts/number of reminders/last reminded date.
* Show number of posts and ability to search posts.
* Show number of reminders sent to user.
* Show date of last reminder sent to user.

# [Feature] Display version check on ACP main page.
# [Feature] Ability to copy permissions from one forum to several other forums.
# [Feature] Ability to control the display of custom profile fields on viewtopic. (Bug #48985)
# [Feature] Fallback options for missing language files. (Bug #38575 - Patch by EXreaction)
# [Feature] Separate "PM Reply" and "PM Reply to all" in prosilver.
# [Feature] Place debug notices during captcha rendering in the error log - useful for debugging output already started errors.
# [Feature] Ability to define constant PHPBB_USE_BOARD_URL_PATH to use board url for images/avatars/ranks/imageset (useful for bridges and applications using phpBB).
# [Feature] Added function to generate email hash. (Bug #49195)
# [Feature] Style authors are now able to define the default submit button used for form submission on ENTER keypress on forms using more than one submit button. Prosilver uses this for the posting page(s) and registration screen.
# [Feature] Ability to specify amount of time user is able to delete his last post in topic.
# [Feature] Send anonymous statistical information to phpBB on installation and update (optional).
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